The olives are collected early, green and picked-by-hand , and within the next 24 hours are rigorously cold pressed using state-of-the-art technologies. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to improve the selection of the primary product and guarantee a more efficient product extraction that gives ultimately high quality products, full of nutrients.
Moreover Provenzani pays attention to the storage procedures, to preserve the oil fragrance and and organoleptic features over time. As matter of fact, the company has been among the first in Italy to use controlled temperature storage facilities with steel cellars satured in nitrogen: this allows to keep the oil as fresh as right after the pressing.


This is the “Provenzani Olive of Choice”: it unites a number of genotypes that find their widest spread in the Agrigento prefecture.
Usually its oil offers mid-light fruity flavors, with a mild bitterness and a might-light piquancy. It is characterized for a strong aromaticity and in particular for hints of almond, tomatoes and artichoke.

The majority of Sicilian extra-virgin produced and appreciated across the globe is produced from its fruits.
Usually its taste comes across across on the palate as mid-intense fruity, depending on the level of ripeness at the moment of the harvesting.
The peculiar olfactory sensations of this olive oil are of green grass , card, artichoke and fresh almond , with some minor hints of ripe tomato.

It is a very valuable olive grove, and that is the main reason of its destination for table consumption, or for high quality extra-virgin that are extraordinary in taste and flavor.
It comes across as quite pleasant and busting, with a very pronounced fruity note.
Typical of this grove are hints of artichoke and green tomato, green almond and leaves.
Its bitterness, spiciness and fruity notes are well balanced.