It is a true art to combine different types of olives, creating alchemies of flavors and scents.
It comes from deep and profound knowledge as the best fruits are selected creating perfect contrasts that make the products unique.
The Provenzani blends come from a passionate work: excellent extra-virgin olive oils, with distinctive with a rich-in-flavor identity, unique in taste and fragrance.
While keeping the production methods intact for generations, the innovative philosophy of the Provenzani blending renews the research for the creation of unique extra-virgin olive oils that amaze and enhance the Sicilian food tradition and in general, affirms the culture of good food.


The mission of Provenzani is to enhance the Sicilian territory and its heritage, creating high quality olive oil, combining ancient tradition of “art of extra-virgin” with the most modern and innovative production processes.
Working in compliance with the most rigorous qualitative standards it is a prerogative to guarantee high product quality and to offer only genuine products.
Provenzani hopes that tasting its products customers worldwide could enjoy an extraordinary sensory experience created by the oil volatile compounds unleashed at each drop.
The company vision is to represent the excellence of the Sicilian extra-virgin expression in Italy and worldwide, divulging such culture in markets that are far from the idal of the Mediterraean Diet and become a quality ambassador for the “Italian good food” in all latitudes.
Provenzani promotes the culinary art ssociated to the knowledge of extra-virgin olive oil and the proper matching with every dish.